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Carbon Positive Programme for Ships


A sustainability programme that spans three phases:

1 measure 2 reduce 3 neutral

CPPS enables member vessels to manage their carbon emissions and stay ahead of regulation, improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions whilst proactively addressing corporate social responsibility issues.

Carbon Positive's Programme is intended to become the industry benchmark for carbon emissions management. Automated cutting edge procedures allow for continuous monitoring of member vessel's energy performance. A wide spectrum of programme components and a dedicated carbon reduction phase ensure that clients need look no further for energy and carbon emissions management solutions.


cp programme_for_shipsCPPS: BENEFITS
The CPPS takes a holistic approach to emissions management:
+ manages cost effectively carbon emissions and fuel consumption
+ safeguard for future regulation and costs
+ rewards and communicates achievements to stakeholders
+ complies with international and commercial standards and requirements (ISO, ESI, Rightship etc)
+ address environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


The Principles governing the CPPS:
+ Completeness: Covers all processes and emissions' related activities on board.
+ Consistency: Allows for comparison over time, using the same methodologies and data sets.
+ Cost effectiveness: Aims for highest achievable accuracy while balancing against additional costs.
+ Transparency: All data is monitored, assessed and reported by an independent service provider and documented for verification to a 3rd party.
+ Faithfulness: Verified emission measurements are produced to demonstrate credibility.





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